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Cellar Policies and Guidelines
For Commanderie Hosts


The cellar inventory list for events is sorted by Sparkling, Dry Whites, Dry Reds (by appellation), and Dessert and Fortified wines. It reflects the wines that are available today, except as noted as reserved for another event. Generally, you will need to select one reception Champagne, one first course white wine, four reds for two meat dishes, and a dessert Sauternes or Port. Please select mature wines that are ready to drink now. Drinkability windows are listed on the right side of the inventory list.

Chapter policy stipulates that left-bank First Growths and right-bank Premier Grand Cru Classé A reds are all considered First Growths and, as such, are exclusively reserved for member-only luncheons. Given the high cost, only one First Growth red may be served for each luncheon and First Growths are never served at dinners.

Please choose those wines that show enough bottles for your expected turnout. By default, we usually plan on 4 bottles of each red for a luncheon and 6 each for dinners.  As such, please note that wines shown in quantities of a multiple of 4 are intended for luncheons and those in multiples of 6 are intended for dinners.  There is a crossover at 10 & 12 in which case they are available for either.

For Commandeurers who like a more detailed analysis of consumption: The formula that works for us is 1/4 bottle of Champagne per person, 1/4 bottle of dry white per person, 7/10 bottle of dry red per person, and 1/10 bottle of dessert wine per person. In total, we will consume 1.0-1.3 bottles of wine per person.  This formula has been back tested for three years and it is a (nearly) bullet-proof formula for luncheons and dinners alike. If this is more than you care to deal with, let me know your anticipated turnout number and I’ll handle it. If you don’t know the anticipated turnout, I have past data that will help with the guess.

Plan on 2.5-3.0 ounce pours for your reds, which equates to 8.5-10.2 pours per bottle. It is important to communicate this to whoever is managing the wait staff at the venue.  If we don’t have enough Champagne or still white wine on the inventory list, I am constantly buying those wines and will make sure that you have whatever you need.

I suggest selecting your wines as soon as practical (at least two months in advance) as there are other event hosts who will be looking at the same inventory list. There is no such thing as “too early”. Communicate your selections to me and they will be reserved for your event.

Regarding logistics, 7-10 days before your event, the Caviste will box your bottles, standing the reds upright to allow the sediment to settle to enhance the outcome of the decanting process. Hosts are responsible for picking up wines from the cellar and delivery to the venue. The pickup should be arranged with the Caviste.

Some bottles may be "Blue Taped".  In every case, these should only be opened as needed.  Please take care to let staff know not to cut the capsules or open these wines before asking you.

Feel free to contact our Caviste with any questions or if you wish assistance with your selections we will be happy to be as involved (or uninvolved) as you wish.

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